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ATS Home Field Advantage

ATS & Home Field Advantage


They say that fine art imitates nature.  It has balance and universal appeal.

In the world of wagering on sports that balancing act also comes into play.  The old NASCAR expression, ‘what comes around, goes around’ comes to mind.

No matter how out of whack the numbers get or how long a winning More >


Five-Tool Players In The NFL


Historically a ‘5-Tool’ Player in baseball is one of the most desirable acquisitions a team could make. Why? Because a ‘5-Tool’ Player is a guy that can do most anything that he is asked to do and do it very well. He can hit for average and power, has speed on the bases plus he can throw and field More >

New Jersey

Sports Betting In New Jersey May Still Happen


With the 2 to 1 ruling by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals upholding a law which prohibits wagering on sports in the State of New Jersey, bettors in Jersey and surrounding areas will simply have to continue as they have been doing all along placing their wagers with a known local bookie or More >

Thumbs Up

Making The Transition To Quality Pay Per Head Service


Taking you neighborhood bookmaking business out of the local sports bar and onto the Internet is a big move; probably one of the most important decisions that a bookie can make. But, look around you. One by one, local bookies are making the transition to a good price per head service company to More >

NFL Passing Yards

NFL Opens With Mega Passing Yardage Weekend


NFL action finally got under way this weekend with no less than 10 pro football games kicking off at the same time on Sunday morning.  If you live in California… that was at 10 am in the morning. 11 am in the mountains and high noon in central.  All in all, it was a bit too early for most of us to More >

PPH Call Center

Why We Have Price Per Head Service Companies


When the brief flurry of popularity enjoyed by offshore sportsbooks began to wane back in the late 1990s, many players grew tired of dealing with foreign companies that might or might not pay off when they won and were almost impossible to communicate with when that happened. How much nicer was it More >

Vin Scully

The Legend Of Vin Scully


There is not a baseball fan on the face of the planet that has not heard the voice of Vin Scully. When we hear him even from another room, we know that there is a baseball game going on. Vin Scully is the voice of baseball and he’s still going!

Although Mr. Scully is now 85 years old, he has just More >

Wilson Leather Official NCAA Football

Sharp Players Fade Some College Football Favorites


College doesn’t start for another few weeks but wiseguys and handicappers have been studying up on the 2013 NCAA football season and have formed some pretty solid opinions when it comes to which programs will excel… and which fail this fall.

Those following the offseason news will no doubt have More >

MLB Logo and Teams

Much To Do About Nothing?


All that TV time. All those words in the papers and on the internet… and Alex Rodriguez is still playing baseball for the Yankees just like nothing happened. He was suspended… but there he is. The networks were even interrupting other games to share with us the first at bats that A-Rod took after More >

PGA 2013

Tiger Woods Is Clear Favorite To Win At Oak Hill


Tiger Woods was nothing less than spectacular at the WGC-Bridgestone Championship and his newly posted odds to win the PGA at Oak Hill this week reflect that impressive victory. His second-round of 61 left the competition shaking their collective heads. No one even came within 6 strokes of the More >

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