20 Ways To Grade PPH ServicesNow that the NFL football season is half way over bookies need to ask themselves the question; is my current pay per head bookie service living up to my expectations, exceeding them, or failing miserably?

Here is a quick checklist to help a gambling bookie evaluate their current pay per head service;

  1. Have I or any my players experienced any bookie website or bookie service downtime whatsoever?
  2. Is making sports wagers online or over the telephone, or smart phone always simple& easy?
  3. Is my bookie websites speed always fast especially right before kickoff?
  4. Have I or any of my players who use the wagering call center been placed on hold for a long period of time especially right before kickoff?
  5. Have any of my players been shut out on making a wager due to either slow internet speed or being put on hold in the bookie call center before kickoff?
  6. Are my players wagers placed within the betting call center always being recorded?
  7. Does the wagering and pph customer support staff speak fluent English?
  8. Am I happy with the bookie agent pph customer support that I am receiving?
  9. Has the bookie agent pph support team taken care of all my wants needs and desires in regards to player set up and profiling?
  10. Are my players always receiving a sharp betting line?
  11. Have there been any bad lines posted by the pay per head line management team?
  12. Are the sporting events & horse races being graded on a timely basis?
  13. Have there been any mistakes grading sporting events or horse races?
  14. Have I had to count on the pph claims department at all? And if so have they done a good job?
  15. Has mine or my players’ personal information remained private & secure?
  16. Have my players’ gambling balances been accurate?
  17. Is the bookie agent reporting accessible & accurate?
  18. Has the accounting department been professional and easy to deal with?
  19. Did the pay per head service deliver on any and all bookie bonuses promised?
  20. Would I recommend my current pay per head service to a fellow bookmaker?