Bookies on  the MoveHave you noticed that almost everybody you know is constantly on the move these days?  It’s just modern society.  The old days of staying at home or close to home have gone by the way side and today we are coming closer and closer to an up rooted society where home can be where ever one happens to be at the time.

Of course, this has its good and bad points.  Getting out and about is what it is all about these days and no one has been gladder to see it coming that the professional bookmaker.  In days past, Bookies had to stay close to the phones and usually be in front of at least two or three television sets just to keep up with the action. This is no longer true.  Now days, the best mobile bookmakers can stay on top of their action from any place that they happen to find themselves.

Full on mobile service is now provided to players and agents alike by companies known as price per head bookmaking services.  A good PPH Service works only with professional bookmakers.  Actually, they work for the bookmakers.  They will handle all of your player’s wagers and walk them through any problems they might encounter…but…in the end….they work for you, the professional bookmaker.

Beware of a service that also tries to run a sports book along with a pay per head bookie service.  There is an obvious conflict of interest as the sports book is, if fact, competing for your players by offering bonuses and other incentives.  The last thing that a modern bookie needs is more competition.

Modern online bookie software….combined with a full on 24/7 mobile service…..enables your players to access the wagering interface via the Internet at any time of the day or night.  It is so easy now.  No waiting to get a phone call through to place your bet.  A player can actually place a wager on the second half of a game and never even have to leave his bar stool.

The bookmaker, on the other hand, has all of his records and book keeping available to him around the clock… matter where he winds up at the end of the day.  Simply click a couple of buttons and be brought up to date on all your current action….. whenever you feel the need. No more secret notebooks… more paper trail.  What could be better than that?