You Get What You Pay ForThe key elements to success for those considering becoming a bookie is the quality of the infrastructure & overall customer support of the pay per head service that an offshore bookie ends up choosing. Bookies that are shopping for a turnkey bookmaking service must first do their homework before simply settling for just any pay per head service.

One of the most common mistakes made by those who either want to become a bookie or veteran bookmakers that are looking to make a switch to a different pay per head service is to quickly make that decision solely based on the actual price per head.

The pay per head industry is no different than any other and those that offshore operations that offer cut rate per head prices, or too good to be true per head prices can’t really afford to run a top notch organization and it is only a matter of time before they must cut corners somewhere. Normally those types of cuts are in the pay per head services infrastructure and naive bookies won’t really know how unequipped that a subpar pay per head service is until it is too late.

For bookies finding a redundant pay per head service is paramount and bookies must know beforehand that the bookmaking service they choose has a truly redundant backbone for Internet, phones and electricity.

Another important factor is agent support, bookies need to be to make quick decision based on facts and a well trained all English speaking per head support staff can make all the difference. The best pay per head services will not cut corners on either of these necessities but you won’t find the best bookie services blindly looking for cut rate pay per head prices, dig deeper you’ll be glad you did!