bookie in collegeIn today’s economy, it’s hard to earn a living, and it’s even worse for young people who are still in college and must deal with paying back their student loans.

If you are a college student, you know that looking to make money while getting your education is very tough as the options are limited. It’s no secret that finding ways to make money while still being able to study is a big problem for most of you.

However, for those willing to take a risk there is a way to earn a living while pursuing your career and at the same time setting yourself up for what could be a very profitable long-term business.

If you love sports and are good with numbers becoming a bookie can be the solution to your money problems.

Sports betting is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable industries on the internet.

A bookie is simply someone who accepts bets and pays off winnings. As a bookie you earn money through a commission charged on every wager accepted.

This isn’t an easy job as it requires hard work, commitment, and dedication.

You must take an initial risk to bankroll your business so consider if you have enough capital to start your bookie operation or consider taking on a partner to better finance your expenses because balance is always key. In other words, remember to never get greedy and know when to take risks.

The average hold percentage for a bookie agent is between five and seven percent, however, how much money you make will depend on a number of factors:

-The number of players you have and the sports they like to bet on.
-The average amount they spend per wager and the frequency with which they bet.
-How good or sharp the players that bet with you really are.

To start getting players you don’t need advertising as word-of-mouth will grow your business.

To be a successful bookie you must be very reliable. If you offer good service and pay winnings on time you will surely gain new customers very quickly.

Choosing a professional price per head company to work with is a must as this will give you a number of benefits that you will need. Among them, a website with access to a betting software with instant lines and live bets, customer service for your clients, and risk management specialists.

Working with a price per head company will make life much simpler for you as it will allow you to continue focusing on your education, while you dedicate a certain number of hours to your business.

If you are ready to make your college life easier by earning some added income get started now by contacting a dependable pay per head company now.