Costa RicaSoon after the offshore sportsbook industry got started back in 1994 out in the Caribbean, a few forward think guys hit upon the idea that the concept of offshore wagering could be modified so that established local bookies could also take advantage of the new internet options utilizing the newly developed sports wagering software.

They are called price per head service companies and savvy bookmakers quickly saw how this newly developed service company could take a major part of the work load off of their backs and at the same time provide his players with an unprecedented level of service along with almost unlimited access to wagering options from around the world.

In the days before the price per head services were available, a bookmaker had to spend the better part of his day… and night… just keeping up with his player’s action.  He had to take wagers, grade games and do all of the paperwork required for accurate bookkeeping. Not so anymore.

Being located in Costa Rica where wagering on sports has always been legal and licensed, bookies using a good PPH Service can now have their players call their wagers in to a call center located down in Costa Rica.  Same goes for Internet wagers. The bets will be taking place on the servers belonging to the PPH Service… not in the bookmakers back room.

The bettors love the new service because it offers them access to wagering options never before imagined until the Internet came along.  They also love the fact that their bookie can now say that he or she ‘never closes’ because the PPH Service keeps on working around the clock… seven days a week.

Players can even utilize one of the new mobile devices that are available these days.  Wagers can be placed from the golf course, the Wal-Mart or even their favorite bar stool. This innovation alone has revolutionized the industry.

For the professional bookmaker it gets even better. All of that tedious bookkeeping that was taking up so much of his time is now taken care of by the PPH Service. The only tasks remaining for the bookie to take care of are his payouts and collections and perhaps a little discreet recruiting.

Of course, the very best way to check out a price per head company in Costa Rica is to actually go down there, meet the people involved and check out the facilities. The good companies will welcome your visit and Costa Rica is beautiful!