Downtime Costs Big MoneyWhen it comes to the pay per head industry, you’ll find that the word redundancy is used by a lot of people. Unfortunately, it is often used by price per head services that don’t really know what it means and that don’t have effective redundancy strategies in place. In order for you to find an offshore sportsbook that has redundancy measures that work, you have to be someone in the know, someone who understands redundancy and how it relates to your sportsbook software. Redundancy can be described as your service’s ability to maintain its sites and other systems that allow your players to place bets. While most modern services are able to limit downtime, you need one that can eliminate it completely! Sadly, downtime is most likely to happen when it hurts you the most, like on major game days. Services that aren’t properly equipped to deal with the flood of traffic that comes on these days will often face long periods of downtime, periods in which your players can’t place their bets and, therefore, can’t make you money!

Choose a pay per head service that explains redundancy to you in common sense terms, and that also clearly explains the measures it takes to eliminate downtime. You’re most likely to find this with a price per head service that has been in business for a long time and that has perfected its strategies and measures. If you and your clients can access the site at any time of the day or night and can also get calls through to the betting center whenever you want, then you’ve got a service with redundancy! Good services have strategies in place like data load monitoring, second level disaster prevention protocol, and software upgrade testing.

Never just believe what a pay per head service promises you. Take the time to put them to the test! If at all possible, get a test login to try out the service yourself. At the very least, do your research and read online reviews to find a top-notch service that will live up to its claims.