Thumbs UpTaking you neighborhood bookmaking business out of the local sports bar and onto the Internet is a big move; probably one of the most important decisions that a bookie can make. But, look around you. One by one, local bookies are making the transition to a good price per head service company to provide quality wagering options to their clients and assist them with the everyday details of the business such as record keeping, grading games and keeping the lines sharp.

The PPH business has been around for about 13+ years now having evolved to meet the needs of the local bookmaker. Back in the 90’s, many bettors started to drift away from the ‘local guy’ drawn by the glitz and glamour of the Internet and all the flashy options and pix offered there.

The average local bookie just could not compete.  The offshore sports books were even offering incentives in the form of sign-up bonuses and free plays that the local guy simply could not match and stay in business. Then somebody came up with the idea of a service company that provided the local bookie all of the modern wagering options offered by the offshore companies.

The idea quickly caught on.  Both bettors and bookies liked the new system under which the bettor could stay with his trusted local guy and still access world-wide wagering options around the clock. The only thing that the bookie was left to do was his collections and payouts and perhaps a little discreet recruiting.

These days there are many options available for providing price per head services. Some are very good, some not so good, some downright awful. A bookie thinking about making the switch is obliged to do a thorough check out of the companies he or she is considering before making the decision of which service to work with.

The first thing to consider is the people involved.  Since the vast majority of your dealings with the PPH service will be done over the phone, get them on the phone.  Ask the hard questions and get the information you need before making a move.  If your questions are not answered to your satisfaction, look elsewhere.

Next check out the software.  Is it easy to access and presented in an attractive manner.  Most of all, is it dependable? Players these days are demanding high quality, dependable 24/7 access wagering and a friendly face to meet up with to settle up the best of both worlds!