Today’s modern wagering software has now evolved to the point of excellence in convenience and dependability for both player and bookie so that down time and computer errors are practically a thing of the past.

The first wagering software came about during the late 1990’s with the advent of the offshore wagering industry, which started out simply enough down in the Caribbean about 1994, and saw such rapid growth and market expansion that software developers were in a panic to provide a working and useable product for this new budding industry.

Since that time some of the best and brightest minds in the software industry have been working on and developing software specifically aimed at the offshore wagering industry, including both post up sports books and the price per head companies like Host PPH who work exclusively with professional bookmakers.

In the old days bookies were vulnerable because it was necessary for them to always be in possession of their accounts in what became rather famously known as ‘the little black book’, but that little black book landed some otherwise honest guys in the pokey just for having it in their possession. It was later used as evidence that he was involved in taking bets on sporting events and such, which was not so good.

The wagering software in use by today’s top companies such as Host PH have eliminated the need for the modern bookie to carry around anything other than his phone or other mobile device on which he can find real time reporting on the status of each and every one of his clients at any time of the day or night. Bookmakers also now have the ability to manipulate limits and action on certain clients as they wish or even move the lines that their clients see should they see fit.

A quality company such as Host PHH will provide their bookmaker clients with software that is up to date in all respects so that they are able to stay on top of their business 24/7/365.  As a matter of fact they now provide 19 different reports covering all aspects of your bookie business.  Most folks will never use all 19 reports every day but instead pick out the ones that they want to check out every day and then others that they will inspect on a weekly basis.

Now a bookie can check on his player’s history or open bets with just the click of a button and also have a ‘bet ticker’ option going that will show the day’s action coming in real time so that the bookmaker can keep his finger on the pulse of the action.  There is even a ‘big bet alert’ that sounds an alarm whenever any wager which exceeds a preset figure.

For the player, modern wagering software has simplified placing a bet on a game to the point where it can now be done in a matter of seconds from almost any location where there is Internet or WiFi available. As a second option, first class PPH companies like Host PPH have call centers staffed by experienced English speaking agents available to take wagers 24/7 for your client’s convenience.

Modern online betting platforms make getting to the wagering page easy and more user friendly than ever before. Bettors can now get in and place their wagers with a minimum of time and effort from anywhere they happen to be.

Throughout the 20 years of operation, Host PPH has always strived to provide the best possible experience for their bookmaker agents by providing them with all the tools they need to run a successful local bookie business, make money and stay out of trouble.

This high level of excellent service has been maintained through constant research and improvement of the wagering and reporting software which is at the heart of any online wagering business.  The friendly folks at Host PPH have also learned much on how to improve their service by listening to professional bookmakers like you and tailoring their services to meet those needs and demands.

Give the guys at Host PPH a call today at 1 866 601 4678 and see what a huge difference a truly dedicated PPH service can make in your business, and in your life.