Pay Per Head is a Lifesaver for BookiesThe US government continues to apply constant pressure on bookmakers who still reside in and attempt to do business from within the United States and it doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon.

Running a bookmaking business is tough enough these days without having to always be looking over your shoulder for the man or having to worry about who is listening on the other end of the telephone. Operating any type of real bookie call center from within the United States has also become virtually impossible. Simple recording keeping of a bookies players, balance, bets, payments or collections just ends up putting bookies at risk of not only being caught, but convicted!

Bookmakers are finally realizing that doing business from within the United States that the risks are no longer worth the rewards. This is in part due to sometimes lengthy prison sentences, forfeiture of assets, legal fees, and worst of all sometimes bookies will receive a felony conviction that will stay with them and hinder them for their rest of their days!

For bookmakers that are looking for a safer and better way of doing things, using a turnkey pay per head service is the answer! Not only do these bookie services help to take the heat off, but also these turnkey bookmaking solutions can take a bookies business to a new level and make them more profitable than they ever could have imagined!

Even more important the majority of these pay per head bookie services are located in places like Costa Rica which has a friendly stance towards online gaming as it continues to be one of the top industries within the country!

Everything that takes place wagering wise happens on servers and phone lines that are located with the gambling friendly jurisdiction of Costa Rica. All information is stored on servers also located within this jurisdiction so sports bookies can rest assured the pay per head service that you choose to go with will never share any of their vital information with U.S authorities as they have no legal jurisdiction in Cost Rica.

The bottom line is Costa Rica is and will continue to be a safe haven for online gaming as well as for sports bookies,……Pura Vida!