Pay Per Head RedundancyBookie agents that are in search of the best pay per head service must first find a pph service that has a solid infrastructure which includes a truly redundant backbone.   Before a sports bookie makes a decision and commits to making a move to a perspective pph service the bookie agent must be sure that he chooses a pay per head service that has redundant phones & internet service.

For a sports bookie there is nothing more frustrating than your players having to deal with downtime especially on game day. Not only does it cut into a sports bookies overall profit but it also affect their creditability and could even jeopardizes there long term bookmaking future if their bettors decide to take their business elsewhere.

In a world where anything can happen and usually does, the best offshore pay per head services are the ones that are always prepared for the worst. A solid pay per head service will always have a plan in place for just about any scenario. At the best pay per head shops you’ll find that they always have in place fail safe scenarios like backups for the backups. If for some reason your pay per head services main internet provider does goes down their back up service should automatically kick in. When something like this does happen, neither you nor your players should ever know the difference!

Another important factor is to find a pay per head service that practices proper internet load balancing especially at crunch time! If the current pay per head service that you are using internet service slows down anytime close to game time than you need to start looking for a new pph service! Bookie agent must also pick an offshore pay per head service that always has the proper amount of internet bandwidth to insure fast internet connection & speed. The best offshore pay per head services will always have more bandwidth than they actually need as well as having burstable bandwidth whenever necessary without delay!

The same goes for phone services and even the pay per head services internal electricity. Bookie agents must not be afraid to ask about the “what if” situations. If the pay per head service that you’re currently considering does not have a truly redundant backbone you need to take a pass and starts trying to find one that does!