PPH Sportsbook RedundancyThese days, it is almost impossible for a bookie to function and to run a business without using a price per head service. While you definitely will need a service on your side, it’s important for you to understand that most pay per head agencies go largely unregulated. This makes it all too easy to choose a price per head sportsbook that is going to hurt you more than help you in the long run. Usually, the poor ones are the ones that cost next to nothing to join and use. They can afford to charge you so little, because they’re not really giving you much of anything in return. For best results, be willing to pay a little bit more upfront; it will pay off in the end!

An easy way for a less than scrupulous price per head services to take advantage of you and to cut corners is for them to operate  poorly maintained websites. Such a website will rarely have redundancy or backup systems in place and, if it does, these systems will not work when you need them most. What does this mean for you and your clients? Unfortunately, it means a lot of site downtime, even during peak betting times when your clients are trying to get down on the game! Not only are your clients likely to get frustrated and to find a different bookie, but you will likely never know why! You’re not trying to access the same site as your clients, so you probably wouldn’t even notice all the downtime. Your clients certainly will, though.

Obviously, making the wrong choice when selecting a pay per head agency can have dire consequences. You could see your business disintegrate quickly, even if you’re doing everything else right.  To keep this from happening to you, choose your service carefully. Never go with one that has “too good to be true” prices, and always speak up and ask about what redundancy methods and backup system are in place to keep you and your business safe. Any agency worth its salt will be happy to clue you in and won’t have anything to hide.

When it comes down to it, redundancy is really one of the most underappreciated and most commonly misunderstood features offered by PPH services. Without redundancy, however, your players might not be able to gamble their money and that’s bad for business. You’ll know your service is providing good redundancy if you never seem to need it!