Price Per Head Call CentersPrice per head sports betting call centers have revolutionized the way that many bookmakers do business. In the “good old days” bookies played a delicate game of cat and mouse with their local authorities. The bookie would set up a call center in their area where players could call in and make bets. Depending on the size of the operation it would typically be “tolerated” by law enforcement until a high ranking official ordered a crackdown. This would send the bookies scurrying for cover until things cooled off and then it was back to business.

Now a-days there’s a much simpler and legal solution available to bookies who want to operate a betting call center. Price per head sports books operate legally in countries like Costa Rica where offshore call centers have been servicing gamblers from around the world for over 30 years. The fact that sports betting operations can conduct business in a legitimate manner means that bookies can breathe easier when going about their day to day activities.

Another huge benefit of using offshore pay per head services is that you have access to a professional and talented pool of employees, many of whom have worked in the online gaming industry their whole lives. The ‘Ticos’, as they like to call themselves, have embraced this industry which caters mostly to the US market. Players and agents enjoy being able to deal with wagering and customer service representatives who speak excellent and fluent English. Communication can never be underestimated when you are doing business in a foreign country.

Bookmakers who choose to put their player package offshore will also be pleasantly surprised to find that they are dealing with Americans, Canadians and European people who not only speak your language but can relate to customers on a cultural level, knowing what people’s expectations are when it comes to service.

If you’ve been struggling with keeping your bookmaking business organized, or maybe you just want a break from the constant grind of dealing with your players, then do yourself a favor and start checking out the price per head services that are available. Getting yourself set up with a call center in Costa Rica is easier than you think, plus, all PPH services will provide you with complete internet access and reporting as well.

If you’re ready to stop micro-managing your players and take your business to the next level than start looking for a quality PPH service today. They can give you your life back so you can enjoy doing the things you want to do.