Bookie Tips for Moving To Another ServiceIf you are a professional bookmaker trying to keep abreast of the action in the 21st century, you have probably heard about a service just for bookies called ‘price per head’ which have been helping guys just like you for over 12 years.

These companies have evolved over the years to attend the needs of bookmakers by talking to bookmakers and catering their services to suit the bookmakers needs.  These days there are literally thousands of professional bookies using price per head services on a daily basis.  Why are they doing this?  Simple, because it works.

The first price per head companies got started back in the mid-90’s out in the Caribbean and in the Central American country of Costa Rica where wagering on sports has always been legal.  Costa Rica provides the perfect place to host these companies because of the high level of education in the country and the fact that English is like a second language and is widely spoken.

What a good PPH company does for the bookmaker is to provide him and his players with the same wagering options as provided by any major offshore sportsbook while leaving the business of collections and payouts between the local bookie and the bettor.

For the bookie it gets even better. A quality PPH Service will actually take care of all that pesky bookkeeping taking up so much of your time.  Yes, you read that right. Throw away that little black book.  The damned thing could just get you into trouble anyway.

Working with a PPH Service, a bookie can now access all of his record keeping in greater detail than ever before via a secure page on the internet accessible only by using your password. Better still, the information is available at anytime of the day or night.

Beware of a price per head company offering you their services that also runs a sportsbook on the side. This often ends up with the larger sportbook stealing away players by offering them deposit bonuses and free plays that you simply cannot match.

Quality price per head service companies with years of experience and thousands of daily players can truly make a big difference in the way you do business and ultimately in your life.

The really good PPH Services have listened and learned from their clients over the years and have developed a service that is truly a win-win situation for both Bookie and Bettor alike.