Moving to PPH ServicesIf you are thinking about outsourcing your sportsbook, racebook and casino action to a price per head service, good for you. But, make it the best PPH Service that you can find.  A cheap service will get you just that, cheap service. Hooking up with a really good PPH service is one of the most effective steps that the modern bookmaker can take to move his business into the 21st century and leave the competition far behind.

Once the PPH Service gets your very own, customized and personalized web site active, you become, in effect, an off shore sportsbook and can offer to your clients anything that an offshore sportsbook can.  Now, isn’t that cool!

If a company tries to charge you to build a web site for you, go elsewhere. The pros do it for free, as part of the service.  That service also includes access to the web page via mobile device for both the agent and the player. Your players will love the 24/7 access and, perhaps for the first time ever, the bookmaker gets his book keeping done for him, also accessible on line around the clock.

Imagine being able to check on your players action with just the press of a couple of buttons.  That reporting, by the way, is updated constantly so that the numbers that you see are real time figures. You can even set you mobile phone to beep you when one of your guys makes a wager over a set limit.

When shopping for a good price per head service think about what you are going to be presenting to your players because the service is what your players are going to see.  The smart book maker will want what his players see to be the very best available because that is his product.  That web page that they made for you is what represents you to your players. Make it nice.

Along with everything else they will do for you, a good price per head service will provide the bookie and his guys with a first class line movement department staffed by guys who have many years in the business and who work hard to keep sharp lines up for you at all times.  That alone will make you money.

Make the call today and find out just what a good PPH service can do for you.