Bookmaking SoftwareThanks to offshore pay per head shops becoming a bookie has just got easier!

If you’re looking to find a per head shop that offers new bookie agents turnkey bookmaking solutions simply type in bookie software in the Google search bar. With the US economy barley breathing more and more people have decided to take a shot at becoming a bookie. If you’ve thought about being a bookie but could never figure out how you would actually be able to pull it off the answer is simple; pay per head.

Hooking up with the right pay per head shop can quickly get you on the road to becoming a bookie agent. You don’t have to have a bookmaking101 degree to qualify, all you need is the desire and the ability to recruit sports bettors, manage them and take care of the paying and collecting on a weekly basis, most all the rest of the work can be handled by a qualified pay per head shop.

Most pay per head shops will even take on new bookie agents that are just starting out and gladly show them the ropes of the offshore sports betting industry. The best pay per head shops will even get you stated in your new bookmaking career with little or no money down. So the road to becoming a bookie is much easier to navigate than maybe you thought possible.

Pay per head shops will provide you with all the bookie services as well as the proper tools that you’ll need to be successful. This all starts with online bookie software. The right bookie software will allow a bookie agent to set profiles and limits for all your sports bettors as well as give them the option to place wagers in either the sportsbook, casino or even on horse racing!

Pay per head shops will also give bookie agents access to real time bookmaking reports at the click of a mouse 24/7/365. So if becoming a bookie was always a dream of yours it can now become a reality thanks to offshore pay per head services!