Mobile ReportingEveryone seems to have a mobile phone or an iPad these days.  They are everywhere.  The age of electronic, instant communication has arrived and internet bookmakers are taking advantage of the advance in technology to better serve their players.  While a good pay per head service will provide sportsbook, casino and racebook access over the internet or via a toll free phone number, more and more players are using their mobile devices to place the majority of their wagers.  They can also access their personal player history, current balance, available balance, amount at risk and open bet information is also available to the mobile player at anytime of the day or night from anywhere that has internet.

The big advantage to the bookmaker is that his phone will not be constantly ringing with his players trying to check up on their current status. The players love it because they can see all of their information with just the touch of a couple of buttons and they do not have to try to get someone on the phone to see where they stand.  A player can be at the game or in a sports bar and be able to get in a half time bet or a wager on another event without having to leave his seat.

For the 21st Century Bookmaker the reasons to love his mobile phone or iPad are even greater still.  Thanks to the cutting edge bookmaking software, a bookie can now stay on top of all of the action from all of his players 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   When he is affiliated with a quality cost per head company, the online bookie can now get real time reporting on all current action.  The best part is that he can be anywhere from the beach to the golf course and stay in touch through a standard mobile device.  One great added feature to the bet ticker option is the “Big Bet Alert”.  All that a bookmaker need do is to enter an amount over which he would like to be notified when a wager is placed.  Set it at $99 and any wagers of $100 or over will sound the alarm.  Of paramount importance is the infrastructure of the price per head service chosen by the bookmaker.

If a service quotes you a price that sounds too good to be true, it probably is!