Soto Voce BookieIn music, ‘soto voce’ means with a soft voice. Most successful bookmakers who have been in business for any length of time are ‘soto voce’ bookies. It’s that kind of profession. It all ties in with the ‘low profile’, ‘flying under the radar’ image that becomes necessary to maintain for the longevity of your enterprise.

No one said that it was easy. Being both well known and anonymous takes a certain skill, not available to everyone. However, with the proper amount of discretion, it can be done.

It is important to understand where trouble might come from. There are still some folks out there who disapprove of wagering on sports and who are making a concerted effort to bring it to a halt. They haven’t had a lot of luck, but they are still out there trying.

All of these new electronic toys that are available to bookies are wonderful to be sure. They have changed the way that bookmakers do business and greatly expanded the horizons for wagering opportunities.

But remember, the guys trying to shut you down probably had all those great toys before they ever hit the public market. So beware, do not assume too much and do not rely too much on gadgets.

Use throw away phones and change them often. It’s a pain, but it’s necessary for your own well being. Get rid of that little black book. There is no need to carry that incriminating piece of evidence on your person anymore.

Bookies these days who are serious about their business have affiliated themselves with a quality price per head service company which provides all of their bookkeeping via a secure page on the Internet. Better still, that bookkeeping is constantly updated around the clock and is actually much more efficient than that ledger book, and much safer too!

But the best part about working with a good PPH Service is that your phone will stop driving you crazy! Here is a true win-win situation. Your phones stop ringing which means that there will no longer be traceable calls coming in to a number that may be traceable to you. All phone traffic will be routed to an offshore jurisdiction where wagering on sports is legal and no one cares about your business.

Bookmaking can be a fun and profitable pastime if you are careful about how you operate. Any step that you can take to insulate yourself from trouble, take it. Working with the experienced professionals at a first class PPH Service is the best step you can take toward achieving that goal. Good Luck!