The Triple Crown is a Great Opportunity for BookmakersEvery bookie in the sports betting business faces the same problem, year in and year out. How do I keep my players active after the football season is finished? When the bowl games are done and the Super Bowl dust has settled bookies are faced with the inevitable drop off in player activity which can affect anywhere between 30% – 100% of their business. Let’s look at a few ways to keep your players betting year round.

The main reason that players decide to stop betting on sports isn’t because they are not interested, but rather it’s because they may not understand how. One thing that you can do as a bookie to keep your players playing is to educate them on the different wagering options available in other sports and encourage them to make bets. The Triple Crown Horse racing is a perfect place to start.

The drama and the pageantry surrounding the annual event is inescapable with every main stream media and news outlet chiming in on who the winners will be. Excitement always surrounds the winner of the first leg at the Kentucky Derby with speculation over whether the horse can go the distance and win the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes as well, a feat which hasn’t been accomplished since 1978. With all the hysteria that accompanies the Triple Crown it shouldn’t be too hard to generate some interest from your players.

Once you get your players excited about the race the trick is to get them comfortable with betting on it. One suggestion is to write up a one page “How To Bet On Horses” document or find a printable version from a horse betting website and pass it around to your players. If you teach them some basic strategy they will be more willing to put their money down on something they understand. The stigma against horse betting is that it’s too complicated and it’s a sucker bet. Also working in your favor is that this is one race that is guaranteed to be broadcast live around the world where everyone can watch it. Betting on horses without being able to watch the actual race is boring and pointless.

This technique can be used to encourage action on any sporting event such as the March Madness basketball tournament, NBA and NHL playoffs or by offering futures bets on MLB teams. Gamblers love to gamble, with a gentle nudge from their friendly neighborhood bookie you can start making money year round.