Wrong Pay Per HeadSo you’re kicking yourself because you didn’t do your due diligence and put the perspective pay per head service to the test before blindly moving all your players into that service, now what? Don’t feel like the lone ranger this exact scenario plays out time and time again and mostly happens with rookie bookies who only shop for the cheapest pay per head service!

The bottom line is that not all pay per head services are created equal, in fact in Costa Rica there are truly only a handful of reputable pay per head services from which to choose from.

Player loyalty in the bookmaking business does not run too deep and rookie bookies sometimes find this out the hard way by putting them into a below par pay per head service.

Here are some simple guidelines that bookies must follow before switching to your next pay per head service!

  • Ask for a complete pph demo of the pay per head service before switching.
  • Ask about the pay per head company’s internal infrastructure. Make sure to choose a pay per head service with redundant phones, internet and power!
  • Pick a pph service that employs all English speaking support staff.
  • Make sure to test out the sportsbook, racebook & casino software and pick a pay per head service that allows unlimited player profiling.
  • Make sure to choose a service that has a real mobile betting platform.
  • Make sure to choose a pay per head service that employs a strong line management team!

Doing these things will indeed get you on the right track the average pay per head cost for a good service can range anywhere from $17 to $20 per head! If your focus is on finding a solid pph service for $5 per head and you fall for it chances are that you’ll soon be searching for a new profession!