PPH Call CenterWhen the brief flurry of popularity enjoyed by offshore sportsbooks began to wane back in the late 1990s, many players grew tired of dealing with foreign companies that might or might not pay off when they won and were almost impossible to communicate with when that happened. How much nicer was it to simply go down to the local sports bar and settle your weekly action with someone that you know and trust.

Wagering over the Internet was fun and exciting but the money exchange part could be very frustrating. Players missed the up close and personal experience that they were used to when dealing with their local bookie… a genuine American institution… and rightly so.

But the local bookies just could not offer the snazzy options being paraded in front of their clients by the well funded offshore sports books… to say nothing of the sign-up bonuses and free plays that the books were offering in those days.

So, a few industry pioneers, mostly down in Costa Rica, began to develop and offer a service to local bookies known a price per head which allowed the local bookmaker to offer to his clients any of the wagering options offered by the big books at anytime of the day or night.

The service started out pretty basic but has had over 13 years to develop into what it is today… an efficient service which acts like a concierge service in a fine hotel to take care of all the needs of today’s local bookie leaving him free to handle only his collections and payouts… and a bit of recruiting. Best of all for the bookmaker, the PPH Service takes care of all record keeping including grading games and provides real time reporting around the clock.

The new price per head services, or PPH as they are known, were heaven sent for the local bookies who had been trying so hard to compete with the big offshore books who were bleeding away their clients little by little.  By working with a good PPH company, the local guy could then offer his players a quality international sports package and still maintain contact on a local level.

So, over the years, the good PPH companies have developed their service offerings by listening to the needs and wishes of guys just like you… local bookies. By listening and learning from their clients, quality price per head service companies have developed what is truly a win-win situation for both Bookie and Bettor.