MLB BaseballThe annual All-Star break is always a good time to take a quick look back at the win totals that were posted at the start of this year’s Major League Baseball season and see how the teams are doing at the midway point through the season.

Recent surges by some teams that were highly touted in preseason but struggled early on have made some rather dramatic moves in the numbers. The Dodgers, the Blue Jays & the Rays were among the clubs only seeming to jell as a team coming into the All-Star break.

The giant LVH SuperBook in Las Vegas posted these win totals (_) for the 2013 MLB season. Let’s see how they are doing with about 80 games still to be played.

The Detroit Tigers (93) have 43 wins.

The LA Angels (93) have 39 wins.

The Washington Nationals (92) have 41 wins.

The LA Dodgers (91) have 38 wins.

The Cincinnati Reds (90.5) have 46 wins.

The Toronto Blue Jays (89) have 40 wins.

The San Francisco Giants (88) have 39 wins.

The Atlanta Braves (87.5) have 48 wins.

The Tampa Bay Rays (87) have 43 wins.

The Texas Rangers (86.5) have 48 wins.

The St. Louis Cardinals (86) have 49 wins.

The New York Yankees (84) have 42 wins.

The Oakland A’s (84.5) have 48 wins.

The Boston Red Sox (83) have 50 wins.

The Philadelphia Phillies (83.5) have 39 wins.

The Arizona Diamondbacks (82.5) have 42 wins.

The Chicago White Sox (80.5) have 32 wins.

The Kansas City Royals (79.5) have 38 wins.

The Milwaukee Brewers (79.5) have 32 wins.

The Baltimore Orioles (78.5) have 47 wins.

The Seattle Mariners (78) have 35 wins.

The Cleveland Indians (78) have 44 wins.

The Pittsburg Pirates (77.5) have 51 wins.

The New York Mets (74) have 33 wins.

The San Diego Padres (74) have 40 wins.

The Chicago Cubs (72.5) have 35 wins.

The Colorado Rockies (71.5) have 41 wins.

The Minnesota Twins (68.5) have 36 wins.

The Miami Marlins (63.5) have 29 wins.

The Houston Astros (59) have 30 wins.

Note the Pittsburg Pirates already have 75% of the wins necessary to go over on that bet. Other eye openers include the Baltimore Orioles, the Boston Red Sox moving up and the Chicago White Sox, the LA Angeles and the San Francisco Giants rapidly losing ground.