US Open Golf 2016In the eternal search for the meaning of sport, precedents usually receive a misunderstanding to the issue: the protagonist who already has lived failures, and as always is customary to give a kind of superiority to that figure, “justice will be served,” deserves it more than anyone, when, indeed, precisely because of that experience, he is at a disadvantage. the discovery of defeat, especially if repeated many times, especially if done in traumatic events, forces the athlete to overcome the troubles accumulated before enjoying a full celebration and that cathartic culmination is only available to a selected few.


The last day of the US Open had two golfers, Dustin Johnson and Sergio Garcia with the opportunity to find that chance to become great, the American learned to use it to gain his victory . the PGA Championship he lost in 2010 in the last stretch, and leaving the US Open last year on the last putt … all his nightmares gathered to join the field in Oakmont the difficulty and awkwardness of referees invite him to despair. But Johnson responded with aplomb.


Although the field was left with only four candidates under par, it presented a thousand traps (fell in several bunkers), but the judges delayed a possible sanction for a move of the ball in the middle of his leg, the golfer 31, and 11 times in the Top 10 in Grand Slams, only granted a bogey on the final day, to finally win his first major. He finished with four under par and overran advantage over a trio of pursuers, Jim Furyk, Scott Piercy and Shane Lowry (78 strokes), with little threat.


Either by distance with the leader, either by psychological weakness, none offered the feeling of being able to beat Johnson, an impression that did show, for many minutes, Garcia. Bound by their nefarious end of third round to pick up three strokes of disadvantage between holes 4 and 8, as in previous days, he won several options on birdies and came to convert three (tremendous one from the bunker at 8), but then he spurned with his putter.


A mistake on the 14th hole opened a run of three bogeys that invoked the bad past performances and was left, once again, at the gates of his first ‘Grand’ title. He finished fifth, 11 other instances in top five of a Grand Slam, and 21st time among the top ten, it may not be necessary to repeat that very few came so close without achieving a victory.