NFL 2012-2013 PredictionsIn a game that few expected or really few saw, we appreciate the Bears win against the Raiders in what was the checkered flag in the second quarter of the regular season.

If Cutler was Smarter, better, more patient in the field, he may have never even left the Broncos at first, and his career would be littered with achievements, he showed all his talent, and was giving a wonderful game against the Raiders, reducing his errors without forcing passes and doing what he always done well even without its main WR. However in the last quarter, when his composure it is most needed he threw his only pick, one that should had never happened and the Raiders got a chance to take the victory. They didn’t take it.

A single game might change everything especially for the Raiders, who although they have shown themselves capable of winning today, we see that they are not able to win games that are a definite win, Chicago is still the worst team in the NFL and were able to take the victory. The Raiders will not fight for a playoff spot, from the result of this match. Bears on the other hand, no doubt things will be calmer and happier in Halas Hall on Monday, the team will train more quiet for their next encounter, but certainly just one game will not take them out from the worst in the NFL.

Matt Forte is currently the face of the franchise, but rumors that the Bears have thought it on the trade block are quite strong. The RB took another good game against the Raiders but is doubtful that his actions would change anything from what the franchise plans to do with him. The need to give the responsibility of his contract to another team is understandable, and Chicago will surely cut Cutler at the end of the year and that will cost a lot of money we’ll see if they follow that route.

The attack of Oakland was ineffective throughout the game, it cost them a lot of work to move the ball, a lot has to do with the Bears defense improving, the departure of Jared Allen gave rise to Willie Young and the line pressures more and much better, while this is certainly positive for Chicago it puts some doubts on the Raiders offensive line.

Latavius Murray terrible ​​performance and all who have something to do with Oakland rushing side. Murray ran 16 times in the game for 49 yards, averaging only 3 yards per carry, which is unacceptable especially when the defensive front is the Bears. Roy Helu gave some life to the running game but it was not enough.