College Basketball Against The OddsWhen it comes to betting on college basketball and NCAA basketball, you can usually do so based on recent trends and by looking over what the most recent betting action has been on any particular team. This season though, has been a crazy one for college basketball and NCAA basketball. Those who have chosen to simply bet on the big favorites have, unfortunately, been sorely disappointed during the first months of play. Let’s take a closer look at some of the betting statistics that have come in since the season started. With the way things are going, you still have a chance to cash in on these trends and make some money.

Out of all of the top college basketball teams, and we’re talking the NCAA basketball teams you would expect to see succeed, only college basketball teams Syracuse and Michigan have been getting it done for sports bettors on a regular basis by beating the spread. They should both be considered solid betting options for the immediate future until they start proving otherwise. Other fan favorites are tempting, but at this point, too risky to start plunking down your money on.

Some NCAA basketball teams which are always favored, such as Duke, Kansas, and the University of North Carolina, have been going back and forth in terms of beating the spread and, so far, have really only made money for the bookmakers. Due to the massive fan base of these teams it is very hard for the betting public to lay off them. The thing is that even though they all have great winning records, and are top 10 teams, they are only covering about 50% percent of the time.

The real gold mine in NCAA and college basketball can be found in teams like Nevada and Manhattan. Surprisingly, and despite their true win/loss record, these 2 teams are covering the spread better than 75% of the time. Although they’re not as popular as some of the big names we’ve already mentioned and don’t have the same legions of fans, they have been paying off nicely so far this year.

When you take a less passionate approach to sports betting you too will soon be able to spot trends that you can cash in on. The decision you need to make as a gambler is, are you gambling to make money or are you gambling to enhance the excitement of the game.