NFLThe Cowboys second victory of the season 20-10 to take the lead in the NFC East, against a Philadelphia Eagles team that continues without a win and for the moment is at the bottom of the division Here are some observations at first sight during the meeting:

An ultra rugged game

Three fumbles and two interceptions between the two teams are only the number does not reflect the whole story. Greg Cosell, always says that every statistic carries a story in itself and we should not look only at the number. True to that, notes that two of the three fumbles, one from each team, were given on consecutive plays; the first of two interceptions killed Philadelphia intentions of the score when the game still looked very manageable despite going down in the score and the second one almost completely extinguished all hope of returning to the game.

The punishments were swift in no time, not a returned blocked punt for a touchdown, the Cowboys lost their starting QB Tony Romo, in a play in which he also lost the ball and fell strongly, at least in a perceptive level and talent, their ability to contend for the title is far.

The Cowboys defense might keep them afloat

It is ironic to think that a team in the 2014 season completely based on generating the attack, this year without their top three playmakers, have to flip to the other side of the ball in hope to keep the squad afloat. Fortunately for the Lone Stars, his defense has played at a great level. After two games, they have allowed an average of 53 yards rushing (the best in the league) and 204.5 yards passing (Best tenth in line).

Struck by the level of punishment that players like JJ Wilcox safety deals to rivals, in addition to the LB Sean Lee and Demarcus Lawrence have shown incredible to move where the ball carrier’s are. And this could get better for the team, because currently does not have three players who could contribute a lot to the table as Randy Gregory injured and suspended; LB Rolando McClain and Greg Hardy.

If the Cowboys defensive can maintain their course so that the team does not leave the fight for the Playoffs, in the second half of the season, when all their elements are back, the team could be a fearsome force.