NFLEach week of play leaves us interesting NFL statistics you should know. As we go into Week 10 we present some stats generated after the surprising games.

This is the first time in NFL history that there are three undefeated teams with eight wins each.  The Carolina Panthers, the Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots are still undefeated.

Undefeated in the Super Bowl. Since the Super Bowl is played to determine the champion of the NFL, 21 teams have started their season with 8-0 and all of them have reached the playoffs. Of those 21, 12 went to the Super Bowl and eight have won.

The Packers and Colts  have faced teams with a record of at least 6-0 in consecutive weeks. Colts faced the Panthers (6-0) and the Broncos (7-0) and the Packers faced in turn Broncos (6-0) and Panthers (7-0) in the past couple weeks. This has only happened twice when the Lions of 1934 faced Chicago (11-0) in consecutive weeks and the Steelers in 2004 when they faced the Patriots (6-0) and Eagles (7-0).

Great performance after 500 yards. Drew Brees improved his performance in passing yards when he came to throw for over 500 yards. In Week 8 he managed to throw for 505 yards against the Giants and this time against the Titans had 387 passing yards. In 2006 he had a game of 510 yards against Bengals and the next game threw for 349 yards against Atlanta.

Nothing like home. Ben Roethlisberger got 2 touchdowns in the 38-35 victory against the Raiders in Pittsburgh. This is the 35th time he gets at least one touchdown in their stadium, tying Aaron Rodgers in fourth place with most touchdowns at home. And of course Drew Brees tops the list with 51 instances and his record is still active.

Devouring yards. In the game between the Raiders and Steelers we had for the first time in history when a player got 300+ yards and another with 200+ yards. Antonio Brown had 306 combined yards including 17 receptions and 284 passing yards(franchise record) and DeAngelo Williams had 225 combined yards (170 rushing yards and 55 passing yards) with two touchdowns.

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