Kyl and Ried team on internet poker billA lot of people out there are just itching for internet poker to be made legal. Players want to be able to have fun without worry, and bookies just want to do their jobs and earn their money fair and square, without the fear of being prosecuted looming over their shoulders.  These dreams might become more than just far fetched fantasies in the near future, however, because Senator Kyl has admitted that he is currently working on a deal that could potentially make internet poker legal in the United States, as it is in other parts of the world.

Kyl isn’t working on his own to make internet poker a go. He has apparently teamed up with Senator Harry Reid, and the two are drafting a bill to federally regulate internet poker. However, the other side of this bill is that it will also make harsher laws against other types of online gambling. It is, for this reason, that there are some mixed feelings about the bill among gambling enthusiasts and bookies alike. Some feel that something is better than nothing, and are welcoming the legalization, while others see it as just a sneaky way to catch those involved in other gambling pursuits.

While no one knows for certain if and when the bill will be passed, Senator Kyl is speculating that the legalization of internet poker could come sometime this year. If Reid has anything to do with it, then the bill certainly will be passed sooner rather than later. As the past chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, he feels that the bill is long overdue. Reid is also the one who is more outspoken about the bill’s progress and intentions, feeling that passing the news on to those whom it affects is vital every step of the way.

Efforts at passing the bill have certainly increased in recent months, particularly following the DOJ ruling that allowed intrastate poker under federal law. Unfortunately, however, neither party will explain just how they plan on getting the bill through congress. That means that the best anyone can do in the gambling world is wait, hope for the best, and see what happens. In truth, it is probably just as much of an uncertainty and waiting game for these two politicians as it is for the rest of the world. We just hope, whatever happens, that it will be in the best interests of gamblers and bookies throughout the nation.