Land Based Casino SpringIf you’re familiar with Las Vegas and its massive gambling industry, you might already know that the industry has been suffering as of late, and the reasons are multifaceted. First of all, our country is in a serious recession, one that is causing even the wealthiest of individuals to start pinching their pennies and watchfully guarding their dollars. Thus, gambling has taken a backseat as US residents struggle just to secure employment and keep food on the table. The second big issue that is cropping up is that fact that online gambling is so rampant and so easily accessible.

Las Vegas has been facing these financial woes since about 2008, and the problems haven’t gotten any better. In fact, they’ve only gotten worse! While casinos as a whole are suffering, two major ones that are really feeling the sting are the Las Vegas Sands and the MGM Mirage, both very well-known and reputable casinos at one time. These casinos, and many others, are taking measures to change things, but they don’t seem to be working. Many have lowered the cost of their rooms, but to no avail. And, to make matters worse, the affiliate marketing industry behind the casinos is also suffering.

Surprisingly, however, the troubles in Vegas have not occurred for land-based casinos in other states. These casinos have always been cheaper than Vegas, and now those who want the thrill of live play but who also want to save money have made them their home. Sure, these casinos might be losing some play to those who prefer the world of online gambling, but many have branched out and started their own online casinos. And, even though we’re in this rough economic spot, many new casinos are cropping up all over the states!

New Jersey is home to many top performing casinos, including the famous Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City. Another gambling area now more popular than Vegas is Arizona, which is home to Cliff Castle Casino in Camp Verde. Even Michigan is taking in some action with Kewadin Casino, based in St. Ignance. These are just a few examples of American based casinos that are faring better than the once top performers in Las Vegas. Yes, the gambling world is changing, and all we can do is watch and see what happens.