Cleveland Cavaliers LogoThe defeat of Cleveland Cavaliers on Memphis against the Grizzlies revealed a number of errors on the defense from the leading team in the Eastern Conference, made LeBron James, star of the team and one of the key figures in the game declared the present situation  with his peers and the need to establish a better role towards the NBA Finals.


“I could sit here and say that we are a team that is ready to begin the playoffs tomorrow, but we are not,” James commented after the team was well below 14 points in the game before losing in the end when Kyrie Irving missed a three-point shot that would have tied the game. “We are still learning. We still have things that are happening on the court that should not be happening, ” the player added.


In fact the coach himself Tyronn Lue commented on the game and state of the team: “I just think they were stronger than us tonight.” In addition, he confessed that “they played hard and moved better than us, you have to respect everyone in this league. Everyone gets a salary. That was the message before the game, ” although this ultimately meant nothing for the result.


However, the star of the Cavs was asked if they feared the Grizzlies before the start of the game, and if that weighed in the outcome, to what the player responded affirmatively, “especially because we all practiced with the expectation that some players would be starters, but then we learned that another team was in the court, but as professionals, must be respected. We are all in this league for a reason, we did not respect them and they beat us.”


James finally pointed out that they allowed too many points for the opponent, something that clearly ends up being decisive for the final result in the game and was evident in this match, he says, because “your team is going to lose if that many points are allowed on loose balls and simply dumb mistakes.”


It seems LeBron is getting tired of his team in general and on the Irving side he is already showing signs of moving on from the franchise, there are some that would say they lack a certain -on court chemistry but they decidedly have had no issues while playing together although sometimes is hard for two dominant players to enjoy that back to back dynamic from the start, but is clear this past game against the Grizzlies will have some repercussions in how the team should work together in the future.