MLB Logo and TeamsAll that TV time. All those words in the papers and on the internet… and Alex Rodriguez is still playing baseball for the Yankees just like nothing happened. He was suspended… but there he is. The networks were even interrupting other games to share with us the first at bats that A-Rod took after rejoining the Yankees roster.

The MLB Commissioner’s office, which means Bud Selig, has sentenced Rodriguez to serve a 2011 game suspension from baseball for his involvement in the Biogenesis Clinic scandal which also included some of the biggest names in baseball. The issue is/was over ‘performance enhancing drugs’ or PED’s which A-Rod, and others, were taking in an effort to make themselves athletes… at least that was the story.

But a 211 game suspension does seem a bit much.  According to the guidelines established by that same commissioner’s office, the first violation of the rules warrants a 50 game suspension… the second gets them 100 games off… but 211?  Where did that number come from anyway?

The major sticking point with Rodriquez is that MLB claims to have proof that he tried to obtain or did obtain… certain records from the Biogenesis Clinic that supposedly implicated him in using and promoting certain substances banned by the league. Substances such as deer antler spray which has been subsequently found to have no effect… good or bad… on the body at all.

Selig’s ire apparently comes from the fact that Rodriquez reportedly lied to representatives of MLB when asked about his relationship to the South Florida Anti-Aging Clinic… trying to swipe that paperwork probably didn’t help his case either. Rodriguez and the players union have appealed the suspension but A-Rod is being allowed to play until the issue is resolved… probably after the season is over.

The National League MVP Ryan Braun has already agreed to a 65 game suspension after being connected to the now infamous Biogenesis Clinic.

Selig’s office also announced 50 game suspensions for Nelson Cruz of the Texas Rangers, Johnny Peralta of the Detroit Tigers, Jesus Montero of the Seattle Mariners, Francisco Cervelli of the New York Yankees, Antonio Bastardo of the Philadelphia Phillies and Sergio Escalona of the Houston Astros… but none of them will appeal the suspensions.

Other players who were linked to the Biogenesis Clinic somehow managed to escape punishment.  Melky Cabrera, the 2012 All-Star game’s MVP and former AL Cy Young Award winner Bartolo Colon and catcher Yasmani Grandal did not draw suspensions this time because they had already served 50 game suspensions for positive PED tests.