NBA Playoffs Post Season OddsIn terms of the NBA Playoffs, oddsmakers have already gone to work and picked their favorites. Those teams that they expect have the biggest shot of taking home the championship hardware. Right now, the NBA Playoffs odds are looking favorably at Miami, Oklahoma, and Chicago. Though these teams are looking good right now, there are still some underdogs that might just have better NBA post season odds than most diehard fans and gamblers are banking on. Teams that might just step up their game and surprise us all in the end are Boston, San Antonio, the Clippers, and Orlando.

For the Boston Celtics, one player who could be a big difference maker in the NBA playoffs is Paul Pierce. Young Pierce is already sparking accolades of being the “greatest Celtics player of all time.” Though some argue that he’s slowing down and isn’t playing as well as he used to, the stats really say otherwise. Just in the 2011 season, in fact, he had one of the best seasons of his entire career, managing to shoot 50% from the field and even an 86% from the free throw line. He was also able to lead his team in scoring with an incredible 18.9 points per game. Obviously, if he’s on the team, the Celtics have more than just a small chance.

Looking to the San Antonio Spurs, you’ve got the impressive Emanuel Ginobli making the team look better than it has in years. This young shooting guard is a 3 time NBA champ, a two time NBA All Star, and has many other awards to boot.  Though Ginobli was injured during the 2011 season, he still managed to lead his time in scoring in the 2011 playoffs, quite the impressive feat. If that doesn’t speak to his skills and abilities and to the possibility of the Spurs being a surprise in the NBA playoffs odds, then nothing does!

The Clippers have their own superstar—Chris Paul—in tow. In the last game alone, he had 21 points with eight assists, not too shabby! Then, for Orlando, there’s always Rajon Rondo. Sure, his name might not be the first one to spring to mind when you think of the team, but he’s so obviously the leading man when the team is on the court.

All we can do, of course, is watch and see, but if these underdogs play up to their true potential gamblers should definitely see a couple of 1st round upsets to pounce on, you can bet on that!