NFL 2012-2013 PredictionsAs all good bettors and bookies know, it is never too early to start making NFL 2012-2013 predictions. Not only is early speculation a lot of fun, but it is also a convenient way for bookmakers to keep their players involved, even when their favorite sport isn’t going on. Plus, it enables you to start planning for the upcoming season as well. If you do allow future bets on the NFL, however, we encourage you to consider our projections  before posting the odds. They should help you out immensely if you pay attention and use them to make smart decisions.

As of right now, we are actually expecting the 2012-2013 NFL predictions to look quite similar to the way the NFL wrapped up at the end of last season, with a few notable exceptions. For the AFC’s division winners we’re looking at: North- Ravens; East- Patriots; South- Texans; West- Chargers; and as our potential wild cards, Cincinnati, Denver, and Pittsburgh. As for the NFC it’s: North- Packers; East- Giants; South- New Orleans; West- San Francisco; and potential wild cards Detroit, Philly, and Atlanta. For best results, be sure to keep these in mind as you make important decisions about the upcoming season and as you post your odds.

Now that Peyton Manning has found a new home with the Denver Broncos we expect them to present strong competition against the Chargers for top spot in the AFC West. Peyton gives them instant credibility and will do everything he can to advance the team to another Super Bowl. You’ll also want to be on the lookout for teams that are in rebuilding mode; they will more than likely continue to struggle. Also think about injuries and the fact that any injury has the potential to alter predictions considerably. As of right now, though, our top four best overall record teams are the Ravens, the Patriots, Green Bay, and San Francisco.

As a final word of wisdom remember that just as your players take risks when they place bets, you take risks as well. While the information we have presented here is certainly meant to be helpful and informative to you, none of it is ever guaranteed. You know your players better than anyone else. Depending on what area of the country you do business in you will most likely vary your odds to suit your players betting interests. A good bookmaker always stays up to date on the status of the league even during the off-season.