NFLThe longstanding rivalry in the NFL between the Packers and the Bears had another round at the start of the 2015 season, the game showed us much or more than many expected, mainly due to the actions of the home team, who played very well despite the circumstances, After analyzing the game, here are some interesting highlights while the Packers secured their 31-23 victory over the Bears.

Green Bay knows how to pull it off

Despite Chicago playing extremely well against the Packers this week, even at the end of the first half  the home team were ahead in possession and an unstoppable running game. The Packers’ defense was in terrible shape throughout the match, but in the end, Aaron Rodgers and company pulled it off as usual.

Packers defense

Chicago did a very good job especially running the ball, Matt Forte ended up giving an excellent game, but we should not put aside the Green Bay defense made it easier to work around their dismal tackling everywhere in the field. Regardless of which side Chicago passed or ran the ball, usually the first tackle broke the line which made it much easier to get long and constant offensive incursions.

Cutler is still the same

It was only the first week, to a favorite team, but Jay Cutler, despite new staff, a new head coach, a new offensive coordinator, things seem to not have changed at all. Chicago played with a West Coast offense completely, running the ball first ending with a pass, taking the pressure off the quarterback, but when the game was on the line, Cutler was not able to move the Bears into a winning position.

Aaron Rodgers and James Jones

When the news broke out about Jordy Nelson missing the entire season, all the alarms went off for the Green Bay team, James Jones squashed those doubts with four out of 18 completions from Rodgers for 51 yards and two touchdowns, the Packers can rest assured the veteran returned to find that chemistry he once had before leaving the team two years ago is still there and as strong as ever.

Matt Forte is in the NFL elite

If the Bears continue with the same game plan for the rest of the year, focused on Matt Forte, a West Coast offense where they seek to run primarily, Forte season could end up being spectacular in every way, especially since it is also obvious that the team wants to take pressure off of Cutler’s game.