NBA LogoThe Spurs beating the Thunder in the first assault of the semifinal of the West (124-92) destroyed all uncertainties and forecasts on equality that was to preside over the series. The first assault blew the image of the Spurs and leaves many doubts and duties to the Thunder squad.


San Antonio began as a cyclone. The attack led by Aldridge and Leonard devastated the defense of the Thunder. The Spurs showed a lot faster transitions and moved the ball with his usual fluency. Conversely, they held Westbrook, who missed his first five shots in the first quarter and limited the effectiveness of Kevin Durant.


The difference grew with astonishing rapidity. After the first quarter, the Spurs dominated by 23 points (43-20). Shortly thereafter, after a determined three and one from Green, they rose to 29 (53-24). The 43 points in the first quarter is the highest score of the Spurs in the history of the playoffs.


Billy Donovan was calling timeouts, but found no way to reverse the dynamics of the game. The Spurs dominated by 33 points (73-40) when he came to rest. By then, it was necessary to look at the record books to find a match from the Spurs with such a high score. The last precedent was in March 2010. No such beating occurred at halftime of a game of the playoffs since the Spurs also exceeded the margin 33 points against Sacramento in 2006.


Westbrook made clear his frustration and referees punished him with a technical foul. The difference became 40 points (109-69) and Gregg Popovich dosed his best men. Aldridge did not even have to get 30 minutes to score 38 points. Ibaka could not beat him, but the power forward was the top scorer of his team with 3 triples and 19 points.


Leonard scored more points, 25, than minutes, 21. Danny Green, with 5 triples and 18 points, it was one of the highlights in a Spurs team that did not require much annotation and boasts of Parker, Duncan and Ginobili.


The Thunder, yes they missed the usual numbers of stars. Kevin Durant stayed on 16 points and Westbrook, at 14, with a loose series of 5 of 19 in shooting. The Thunder will correct and improve a lot to try to surprise some, the Spurs simply passed over them.