NBA LogoKevin Durant is characterized by his brilliance, his regularity and reliability. Well, tonight all those qualities were blown up against Dallas. Because the OKC Thunder forward has starred in his worst shooting game since playing in the NBA. Durant missed 26 shots. As is: 7 of 33 in the field goal, with 2 of 11 from the triple. In addition, he lost 7 balls. But let’s focus on the shots failed.


The MVP of the NBA had not missed so many shots ever. Neither in regular season or in the playoffs. And his career is not short, because among regular season and postseason has played 716 games. The last player who had failed so many pitches in a playoff game was Michael Jordan in 1997. The horrible performance from Durant was added to Russell Westbrook who also joined in the shot. Between the two stars … 15 of 55 in field goal and 3 of 17 in the triple! With this string of failures, the unexpected defeat of OKC Thunder at home against Dallas (84-85) was far from surprising. Although the team was about to win.


“I had a bad night in shooting,” Durant recognized, and surely is already thinking about the third game.


-The Warriors won without Stephen Curry. They do, with a Klay Thompson exerting. And with an army of players confirming an unwavering commitment to the team. Thus, Golden State signed his second victory against Houston.It was not as easy as the first vistory. This time, 115-106. The Rockets resisted. The 66-58 of the first half marked an unapproachable rhythm that no one tried to follow after the break. But the victory was solvent unhurried.


It was the second victory with Klay Thompson leading the group. He scored 34 points, made 15 of 16 free and even gave 5 assists. But there was more. Andre Iguodala had 18 points with great accuracy from beyond the arc. Shaun Livingston, substitute for Curry, went to 16 points. Draymond Green shone again with 12 points, 14 rebounds and 8 assists. Andrew Bogut performed very well … This team has a background of endless talent.


With the Warriors losing only 10 balls playing at a high pace, Houston never had it easy. But at least they were there. With 28 points and 11 assists from James Harden. Ill-advised from long range. With a double double from Dwight Howard and a discreet game from Trevor Ariza. But with players like Jason Terry, Patrick Beverley, Michael Beasley or Josh Smith from the pitch in equal efforts. Because this team also has depth. And a lot of quality.