RaptorsFinally the first defeat came. The Cavs are no longer unbeaten in these playoffs. After 10 consecutive victories, the defensive team lead by Tyronn Lue yields a match. Toronto won 99-84 last night. LeBron James team to shorten the lead of the Eastern Conference finals, which are now at 2-1.


To break the unbeaten Cleveland, Toronto had to do things very well. They improved their defense, especially near the rim, annulled 2 of the 3 members of the big three rivals dominated finally in rebounding (with an unbeatable Bismack Biyombo), he increased his shooting percentages and knew how maintain the control in the scoreboard when they had the lead.


The result of all these virtues was a comfortable victory that enlarged the pride of the home crowd. Canadians already dominated 60-47 by halftime and knew to bring the physical defensive terrain in the second half, the end was a fourth quarter that ended 19-14.


Throughout this framework, two key players who rose above the rest: DeMar DeRozan and Bismack Biyombo. The first went to 32 points with 50% in field goal. The second one made seven, but captured 26 rebounds and 4 blocks.


Locals also benefited from an improved Kyle Lowry. The guard was not brilliant in attack, but improved in two crucial aspects: his defense and outside shooting. He finished with 20 points and 4 triples. They also provided -alternate Cory Joseph and Patrick Patterson- as did

the starter DeMarre Carroll on defense. Meanwhile, Luis Scola again a starter, but was practically blank in the 17 minutes he played.


The Cavaliers were worlds away from the attacking efforts the team that won by 31 and 19 points separating the first 2 games.


For starters, the Lue squad stayed at 35% success in the field goal and was only able to get 20 points in the paint against the constant intimidation of Biyombo. On the shot Kyrie Irving (13 points on 3 of 19) and Kevin Love (3 points with 1 of 9).


LeBron James was the best on the visitors with 24 points. He finished as top scorer, rebounder and passer of his team. And J.R. Smith, dedicated almost exclusively to triple, with 22 points and 6 shots from beyond the arc.