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  • Over 10 years in the Pay Per Head Industry
  • Open 24/7/365
  • Total mobile access via any internet device
  • Online Casino with over 90 High Quality games
  • Professional Horse Racing interface
  • Triple Redundancy
  • Free custom-built websites

Host PPH, located in San Jose Costa Rica, has been a leader in the offshore pay per head industry for over a decade. They consistently receive high marks and praise from their many satisfied customers. We put their service claims to the test as we reviewed every aspect of this operation and are pleased to report that they passed every test with flying colors. Let’s take a look at what makes HostPPH the #1 choice of professional offshore bookies in the world.

First off the customer service we received when contacting the Host PPH offices was outstanding. Whether we contacted them by phone or through email or Live Help, we received prompt and professional responses every time. has assembled an experienced team of sportsbook veterans to handle all aspects of customer interactions.

Host PPH’s claim to fame is their triple redundant backup systems that ensure that you and your players will always have access to your accounts. This year they celebrated their 9th consecutive season without any service interruptions or notable downtime of any kind. Redundancy is one of those things that you never appreciate until your service goes down on an NFL Sunday morning. HostPPH weekly rates vary, depending on your package size and other factors, but they are well within industry standards so if you end up paying a little more with them their uptime alone makes it worth the money.

Sharp lines and attention to detail will make you more profitable and our overview of Host’s wagering department shows that these guys are on the ball. They employ a team of expert line managers that boast a combined 100+ years of line moving experience. They will make sure that your wise guys never beat you to the number and alert you to steam chasers and other player trends that you should be aware of.

We were very pleased to discover that the risk management aspect of their service is proactive and brought to the clients attention right from the moment of sign-up. They carefully went through the pros and cons of all the wagering options available to new bookies. This is so important because many newbies haven’t thought much past booking straight bets on the NFL and maybe offering parlays. brings their clients the full spectrum of betting options just like a Vegas book, however, unlike other services that just dump it on you and let you figure it out, Host PPH helps you craft an agent profile that makes sense to you and then shows you how it works.

Host PPH uses DGS gaming software which is the most popular and trusted betting software in the pay per head business. However, they have gone one step further than most other companies with their online casino software by offering the AmigoTech platform that gives players access to over 90 high quality games. In addition to this players and agents have full mobile access to their accounts via any mobile internet device. When you add it all up it equals more money in your pocket due to increased player activity throughout the entire year.

To put it simply, HostPPH is the complete package, for a reasonable price they give bookmakers all the tools they need to be successful. Their attention to service and detail is what puts them over the top as our #1 choice for offshore pay per head bookmaking services.

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