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  • Open for wagering  24/7/365
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  • DGS Software & Reporting
  • 1 week of Free service *(Must qualify)
  • 1 Free Month Of Sports Option *(Must qualify)

My Sports Office has been dabbling in the pay per head industry since late 2008. They currently utilize the DGS wagering, racebook & casino software platform but they are lacking both a mobile betting app as well as a poker platform. comes off as a bit pricey starting at $25 per head with an extra $5 charge per player for any casino usage.  Before you even get started or have a chance to take them for a test drive MSO demands 2 weeks in advance of your projected weekly billing. They are basically making you commit to them long term before your players have even placed one bet and it makes one wonder if they have something to hide.

So we did a bit of digging! Calling this operation to get information about opening a per head account turned out to be somewhat of a cat and mouse game. After getting transferred around numerous times we did, finally, get someone on the phone who actually did give us information about their pay per head brand. When the questions got a bit more technical we were quickly passed to the lines department to discuss profiling options and got the run-around about not being able to deal certain line types which was very frustrating. We even ended up talking to someone representing Ezstreetsports, which is their post-up sportsbook division, very disorganized.

Overall looking into this week has been interesting to say the least. Sadly, the more we dug the more bad stuff we uncovered! My Sports Office has made quite a name for themselves in a very short period of time, in the worst possible way. My Sports Office owns two post-up sportsbooks, &, and runs them out of the same office as their pay per head business. We always advise our readers about the dangers of mixing per head with post up and with the extremely negative history associated with these brands we will just say buyer beware. We try to remain impartial when conducting our reviews and don’t want to bash anyone if we can help it. If you want to verify our conclusions on Mysportsoffice, Ezstreetsports or 7redsports, it is on the public record at Our advice is to avoid this PPH company as being too toxic.

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