Bookmaking SoftwareFar too often, today’s bookies choose their PPH services based on which one is willing to offer them the lowest price in town. This, however, can be a tragic mistake. The best services are those that offer new clients helpful bookie advice and general customer service and that have the most up to date and easy to use price per head software. Such services are never the lowest cost option, though they can still be reasonably priced. That’s because you pay for what you get, and quality service naturally comes with a higher price tag. Make sure you consider this as you’re looking at your different options and trying to determine which one is truly the best.

There is, though, one tricky thing about truly finding a great service. Some services offer excellent price per head software, but don’t know what to do with it. Even the best software is going to take some time and practice to get familiar with; that’s normal. However, your service needs to be able to provide you with bookie help and bookie tips on using the price per head software. You’re also going to need troubleshooting from time to time and somewhere to go when you have questions. If a service doesn’t offer you this, then that great software really isn’t worth much at all to you. So, always check up on a company’s policies on customer service and software maintenance.

In fact, what you’ll ideally want to do is to take the price per head software for a test run. Any PPH agency worth its salt will be willing to give you a test login to try things out. If a particular service isn’t, then that’s a pretty good indication that it’s hiding something (most likely low quality software!) from you. When you do find a service with software that you can test, push things to the limit. Try anything and everything and ring customer service a few times to see how easily you get through and how well your questions are answered. What you find out should help make your decision an easy one.