Digital Wager RecordingThe best and most modern pay per head services are those that engage in digital wager recording. This method allows the service to keep track of every single wager that is placed and of which player placed it! This impressive recording method goes beyond just monitoring betting systems and wagers placed through betting call centers. It actually monitors every single action a player takes on the site and provides that information to bookies. This allows them to know what their players are betting, when they are visiting, and, of course, what their balances, winnings, and more are. All of the information is accessible via one simple to use reporting system which allows bookies to easily maintain tight control of their businesses and to weed out players who could be costing them money.

As you might imagine, there are countless benefits to using digital wager recording. Firstly, players can never say that they didn’t enter wagers through the betting systems when they did. Far too often, as old-fashioned bookies can tell you, players will try to get out of less than smart moves by saying they never placed a certain wager. In the past, bookies had to choose between taking a player’s word and losing money or disputing a player and losing a client. That can’t happen with modern gaming technology, bookies can show the players the proof they have on file. Don’t worry—the same can be done for wagers placed through the betting call centers. Bookies simply listen to the read back. Not only should this eliminate dishonestly, but it can also allow bookies to see the players that are attempting to pick off lines and to get rid of them for good!

Digital wager recording essentially gives bookies the tools and the knowledge that they need to make their businesses as successful as possible. All of the information that they could ever need or want to access is safely and permanently stored on private, secure databases. You won’t have to worry about having all of this information overwhelm your personal computer. It is all stored on the server of the PPH agency and is constantly monitored by IT professionals who will keep your data safe. Make sure you always ask directly about whether or not this technology is available when choosing a service, and do your research to make sure you’re getting optimum service features. It might mean paying a little more upfront, but it will make you money in the long run.