How to Bet on the PoniesFirst you get yourself a copy of the Daily Racing Form and do your homework!

Then, locate a Mutual Window and indicate the following:

1. Indicate the Track you want to wager on.

2. Indicate the Race Number, unless it’s the current race.

3. Indicate the Amount you wish to wager.

4. Indicate the Type of bet you wish to make. 5. Indicate the Number of the Horse(s), as shown in the program. For Example: “Lone Star Park, fifth race. Two dollars to win on number 6.”*

Note-It is very important to check your tickets for accuracy before leaving the window. Once you leave the window and the race begins, you cannot change your ticket, Also, never tear up your tickets until the race has been declared “official.” Ask a representative for assistance.

So, if you were at Churchill Downs and wanted to bet two dollars on the number 3 horse to come in first, you’d say: “Churchill Downs 7, $2 to WIN on #3. The reason you need to say the name of the track is because many tracks simulcast races from around the country. You can watch those races on monitors throughout the grandstands. You can bet on those races, too.

That’s why you need to tell the teller what track your bet is on. If you have any questions just ask. Every track has people on staff that are there to help make it easy.

Another Example: “Louisiana Downs, fifth race, five dollars to win, on number 2.” Always make sure to check your tickets for accuracy before leaving the mutual window, and be sure to hold on to your tickets until the race is declared “official” to ensure that you won’t throw away or tear up a winning ticket.

You may also choose to place your wager using one of the automated self-service machines located throughout the track.

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