Best Sports Betting SoftwareOne of the most important aspects a pay per head agent must consider when choosing a solid bookmaking service is what kind of sports betting software they use. The very best offshore sportsbooks out there will choose Digital Gaming Solutions Software, more commonly known in the industry as DGS. This software is considered the most up to date, reliable, and versatile software, allowing its users to do a multitude of different things with their agent profile settings. Other software products out there don’t even come close.

Another great thing about this particular type of sports betting software is that it is incredibly user friendly. This, in fact, is the main reason that pay per head agents enjoy using it. DGS is complex enough to allow users to perform many different tasks, but so simple that even the most inexperienced user can figure it out. This also leads to fewer problems and troubleshooting responsibilities for the PPH service, so everybody wins. Even if you don’t think you could figure out the software, give it a try. You’ll be shocked at just how simple it is.

What’s more is that this sports betting software doesn’t give itself the chance to get outdated thanks to regular updates. Upgrades are usually done a few times a year and are typically scheduled during low season, on days when there is nothing to bet on. A good PPH agency will also have a full service staff that sniffs out small problems with the software before they can get out of control. As a result, fixes are commonly applied, so the software actually gets better and better after you begin using it.

DGS is also known for its superior reporting and, best of all, a wide variety of customization features. These features allow you to make your software work for you. Make changes to the look and feel of the software, and use it to work in the way that is easiest for you.  If you do happen to encounter any problems with DGS or just have questions about the best way to use it, never be afraid to ask your PPH service for help. After all, that’s why it’s there.