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Pay Per Head Making Life Easier

Pay per Head: Making a Bookie’s Life Easier for Over a Decade


These days, most pay per head businesses are located overseas many in Costa Rica. The reason for this is the fact that in many other countries, gambling and sports betting are not illegal. In fact, in areas like Costa Rica, the online gambling industry is actually a thriving legitimate and well More >

Online Sportsbook Software

Online Sportsbook Software: What to Look For


The best thing about sportsbook software is the fact that, when it’s good, it will allow you to know every single move your clients make. You will get to see what they’re betting and how it is affecting you and your business which, in turn, allows you to make smart decisions about who to keep More >

Downtime Costs Big Money

Downtime Costs Price per Head Bookies Big Money


When it comes to the pay per head industry, you’ll find that the word redundancy is used by a lot of people. Unfortunately, it is often used by price per head services that don’t really know what it means and that don’t have effective redundancy strategies in place. In order for you to find an More >

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