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Why Price Per Head

Why Using Price per Head Services are a Bookie’s Best Bet


Price per head bookmaking is the smart way for modern bookies to do business. That’s because there are many price per head advantages, and running a sportsbook is so much easier with these advantages working for you. Let’s look at the simple stuff first, like the fact that you don’t have to keep More >

Switching to Price Per Head Services

Switching to a Price per Head Service Can Increase a Bookie’s Hold Percentage


Many people, especially those who are considering going into the bookmaking business, wonder how bookies make money. Well, it’s really just a matter of some fairly simple bookmaking mathematics. Knowing how things work, however, can be helpful, especially for the beginning bookie. That’s because More >

Big Nfl Season For Bookies

Pay per Head Bookies Looking Forward to Big NFL Season


Well, believe it or not, it’s that time again! A new NFL season is coming increasingly closer. It’s not just the fans who are excited either. No, NFL betting time is an exciting time for bookies as well. While just about any sport can be lucrative for a serious bookie, football is probably the More >

Broncos Big Future Is Peyton Manning

Broncos Big Futures Favorites As Oddsmakers Put Stock in Peyton Manning


NFL fans are incredibly excited about the fact that Peyton Manning has joined up with the Broncos. They feel like this season is going to be a huge one, and that Manning will bring the team to success like it has never known before. Because of this, people are already placing their bets on the More >

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