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Shifting BCS Standings After Week 9


Florida State, Alabama, Oregon and Ohio State all won easily as expected and their status as the top four teams in the BCS remains secure for now. The Big 4 racked up 199 points between them to their opponents 55. The formally #12 UCLA Bruins were among their victims this week.

Undefeated Missouri, More >

ATS Home Field Advantage

ATS & Home Field Advantage


They say that fine art imitates nature.  It has balance and universal appeal.

In the world of wagering on sports that balancing act also comes into play.  The old NASCAR expression, ‘what comes around, goes around’ comes to mind.

No matter how out of whack the numbers get or how long a winning More >


Five-Tool Players In The NFL


Historically a ‘5-Tool’ Player in baseball is one of the most desirable acquisitions a team could make. Why? Because a ‘5-Tool’ Player is a guy that can do most anything that he is asked to do and do it very well. He can hit for average and power, has speed on the bases plus he can throw and field More >

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