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Making The Transition To Quality Pay Per Head Service


Taking you neighborhood bookmaking business out of the local sports bar and onto the Internet is a big move; probably one of the most important decisions that a bookie can make. But, look around you. One by one, local bookies are making the transition to a good price per head service company to More >

PPH Call Center

Why We Have Price Per Head Service Companies


When the brief flurry of popularity enjoyed by offshore sportsbooks began to wane back in the late 1990s, many players grew tired of dealing with foreign companies that might or might not pay off when they won and were almost impossible to communicate with when that happened. How much nicer was it More >

Bookie Tips for Moving To Another Service

Quality Price Per Head Service Can Work For You Too


If you are a professional bookmaker trying to keep abreast of the action in the 21st century, you have probably heard about a service just for bookies called ‘price per head’ which have been helping guys just like you for over 12 years.

These companies have evolved over the years to attend the More >

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Offers The Very Best In PPH Service


Soon after the offshore sportsbook industry got started back in 1994 out in the Caribbean, a few forward think guys hit upon the idea that the concept of offshore wagering could be modified so that established local bookies could also take advantage of the new internet options utilizing the newly More >

Wrong Pay Per Head

What to do when you picked the wrong pay per head service?


So you’re kicking yourself because you didn’t do your due diligence and put the perspective pay per head service to the test before blindly moving all your players into that service, now what? Don’t feel like the lone ranger this exact scenario plays out time and time again and mostly happens with More >

Bookies Software Options

Today’s Bookie Software Options


Today’s bookmaking software has evolved to fill the needs of bookies large and small. Throughout the 12 or so years that price per head services have been in operation, the software has been constantly upgraded by listening to bookmakers across the country and fine tuning the software to meet their More >

You Get What You Pay For

Searching For Cheap Per Head Prices Can Lead Bookies To A Quick Demise


The key elements to success for those considering becoming a bookie is the quality of the infrastructure & overall customer support of the pay per head service that an offshore bookie ends up choosing. Bookies that are shopping for a turnkey bookmaking service must first do their homework before More >

Best Bookie Software

Finding the Best Price Per Head Online Bookie Software


Bookies that are searching the globe to find the best online bookie software need look no further then DGS (Digital Gaming Solutions). A large percentage of the price per head services that are located in Costa Rica offer their bookies the DGS price per head sportsbook software. DGS is reliable and More >

Bookies on the Move

Bookmakers On The Move


Have you noticed that almost everybody you know is constantly on the move these days?  It’s just modern society.  The old days of staying at home or close to home have gone by the way side and today we are coming closer and closer to an up rooted society where home can be where ever one happens to More >

Moving to PPH Services

Savvy Bookies Are Moving Over To PPH Services


If you are thinking about outsourcing your sportsbook, racebook and casino action to a price per head service, good for you. But, make it the best PPH Service that you can find.  A cheap service will get you just that, cheap service. Hooking up with a really good PPH service is one of the most More >

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