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Tiger Woods PGA 2014

The PGA Without The Tiger


What if there was no Tiger Woods playing in the golf match on TV this weekend?  Would you watch it? It’s a question that many in the PGA are starting to ask. Given his past couple of months on the links and Tiger’s recurring bad back, golf fans are beginning to wonder just when or… Oh no! if Woods More >


NFL Quarterback Scramble


The annual scramble for the last remaining quarterback positions in the National Football League for the 2014 season is underway. There are teams with established high dollar quarterbacks set in place like Brady with the Pats and Brees with the Saints. Then there are some other teams that are in More >

Bay Hill Golf Course

Against All Odds: Woods Was Still Favored At Bay Hill


Tiger finally threw in the towel and made the call to his mentor Arnold Palmer to inform the legendary golfing great that, regrettably, Tiger Woods would not be able to participate in the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill in Florida this week.

Woods informed the public on his website, “I More >

Sports Logos

The High Cost Of Sports


Even as the popularity of Major League Baseball is in an apparent decline, they keep raising the prices on tickets, parking, hotdogs and even the beer. Diehard baseball fans are still turning out for the games, but those fans considering other choices as well might just decide to take in the local More >

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