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NFL Sidelines Tablets

NFL OK’s Sideline Viewing System


Not so very long ago they said they would never do it. Using laptops and tablets on the sidelines at an NFL football game once seemed like something no one wanted to tackle, excuse the pun. But, hold on folks, it’s 2014 and the NFL Commissioner’s office has announced that it will allow the use of More >

Free Demo

One Good PPH Demo Can Change Your Life


Seriously, letting a first class price per head service company host your business can indeed be a life changing move. Let’s face it, we all have enough to worry about without taking on work and worry which is much better off in the hands of a professional service which handles your package at a More >

Ryder Cup

Woods & Watson And The Ryder Cup


Although Tiger Woods has been out of competition for some time now, he remains the most popular golfer in the world. Even after he so obviously hurt his back at Doral, Woods continued to be the favorite on every wagering board across the country. Bettors love to bet on the Tiger.

Nowadays there is More >

Ragin Cajuns

Ragin’ Cajuns Still Have Their Beards


Baseball coaches have resorted to a great variety of tricks and mojo to motivate their teams over the years. Major League, college and yes, even Pop Warner coaches can come up with some pretty crazy stuff to get their guys and gals to give it their all.

But how would you like to be the coach that More >


The Power 5 Verses The NCAA


The NCAA, as an organization, is in jeopardy. You can read about it every day. First Penn State, then Miami, and then still more bungling trying to cover up the bungling. Mark Emmert and company are under fire from several directions.  Not only from the sports writers around the country but by the More >

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