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Nick Saban

Daylight Saban Time


He did it to himself and to his team. Nick Saban argued vigorously for that one second to be put back on the clock as if he had been cheated out of it.  Well, he got it and the rest is SEC history. Actually not just SEC history. The ending of that game was one of the most remarkable in the history More >

Drew Brees 50K Yards

Drew Brees Passes 50,000 Yard Mark


Brett Farve had 71,838, Peyton Manning has 64,009, Dan Marino had 61,361 and John Elway had 51,475. That’s a pretty heady club to join and admission does not come cheap. Peyton Manning was the only active member until the last edition of Monday Night Football when the membership welcomed Drew Brees More >

Soto Voce Bookie

The ‘Soto Voce’ Bookie


In music, ‘soto voce’ means with a soft voice. Most successful bookmakers who have been in business for any length of time are ‘soto voce’ bookies. It’s that kind of profession. It all ties in with the ‘low profile’, ‘flying under the radar’ image that becomes necessary to maintain for the More >

ESPN College Football

Favorites Win But Don’t Cover


The underdogs did howl last weekend in college football. They didn’t win a lot of football games, but the dogs certainly did make their presence known.

Handicappers seemed either unaware of the intense spirit involved in the big collegiate rivalries around the country or they did not grasp the More >

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